About Different City Experience

What is Different City Experience? 
The Different City Experience festival (DCE) is a celebration of neighbourly relations. The festival’s content is created by the actual residents of the particular neighbourhoods. It is based on the principle of sharing the public space, mutual help and volunteering of local organizers and many other entities. The festival is open to all age and interest groups.

Why does it take place?
In order to step out of the stereotypical perception of the public space and realize its value. Prominent space will be given to the locals and their ideas and abilities in the form of workshops, games and other activities and also to local businesses and organizations, bands, theatre groups etc.

At the festival, you can meet many interesting people from your neighbourhood, learn something new from them, initiate or deepen local cooperation, talk about the benefits of calmer areas, discuss local causes, or cultivate relationships among different interest groups (local authorities, businessmen, residents).

When does it take place?
The festival takes place every year on the third September weekend (this year on Saturday 17th September). Some zones hold DCE a week before or after. However, we will be happy if you organize your event recognising our principles any time during the year.

Who is the organizer?
DCE is coordinated by Auto*Mat, z.s. and organized, above all, by dozens of local organizers in individual zones (a group of friends, local organizations, clubs, active citizens etc.)

Do you want to organize DCE in your street?
Join the 70 last year’s local organizers and create your zone! Anybody who is passionate about turning their street, square or a public space into a pleasant space for themselves and their neighbours can apply by May 31. All you need to do is send an email to zmj@auto-mat.cz (this year by May 31).

Auto*Mat will invite you to a coordination meeting where you will learn all you need to know. You can also find a step-by-step guide how to organize the DCE festival here.

The local organizer sets up an organization team and a program for their zone. They can also seek funds depending on the complexity of the event.

Do you want to help the organizers?
Contact details for organizers in individual areas will be published on the DCE website. Find your favourite area and contact the organizer.

Do you want to take part only as a participant?
Simply choose one of the dozens of areas and come along! You will be able to choose from several cities as well.

What will we help you with?
The Auto*Mat team takes care of promotion, unified graphic design, the DCE web platform and makes sure that the Code of the festival’s conduct is complied with. We will be happy to advise you with anything you may not be sure about during the preparations.

In Prague, we can help you with the complete administration regarding the official usage of public space.


Different City Experience Code of Conduct

1) The aim of the DCE festival is to revive and strengthen local communities on a long-term basis. The goal is to bring together individuals, organizations and businesses in the particular location and inspire them to share their experience, temporarily re-create public space and deepen their mutual cooperation throughout the year. The event’s organization is based on a voluntary involvement and work of local organizers.

2) The fundamental difference between Different City Experience and the usual street festivals is the emphasis on the local character of DCE. Do not try to organize a grandiose event but try to bring life to your local street or square. In order to keep the main idea of the event, involve local organizations, residents, businesses, associations, clubs, parishes etc. as much as possible. The program is completely up to you. There is no limit to your imagination.

3) The DCE festival is a non-political event. It is not allowed to present political parties and movements or any extremist attitudes.  

4) The primary goal of DCE is not the profit of local organizers or participants. The event’s proceeds should, above all, cover the event costs.

5) Do not underestimate communication. People from your neighbourhood must learn about the event in time (especially if there are going to be transport restrictions). Inform also the drivers of parked cars (should they use the space that you plan to officially use for the event), e.g. via a leaflet under the screen wiper. Explain the meaning behind the event to the locals and be always welcoming.

6) Be environmentally friendly. The event preparation as well as its execution should be as economical and ecological as possible – separate waste and minimize its production, lower the consumption of electricity to minimum and do not use cars unless it’s necessary.

7) If there is music, the noise level must not exceed norms defined by legislation but it shouldn’t disturb other programme items either (e.g. public reading, a theatre performance for children etc.). The night programme must not disturb the locals. If you use electricity during the event, make sure the cables are connected safely and nobody can be injured.

8) When the event is finished, the space (street, square, park) must be in the same state as it was prior to the event. Please tidy up the place and remove the waste to the appropriate location.

9) Please use the Different City Experience logo, the Auto*Mat logo or the zazitmestojinak.cz website link for the promotion of activities during the festival.